BrainCast: An AI R&D Journey that revolutionises Sports Medicine

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BrainCast, a pioneering startup founded by experts in computational neuroscience and traumatic brain injury research, is revolutionising the field of sports medicine with its innovative technology. Founded just two years ago by two founders who each have PhDs that specialise in the brain (one in computational neuroscience and the other in traumatic brain injuries), BrainCast focuses on developing software platforms for extracting biomarkers related to head injuries, catering to both sporting clubs and radiology companies.

Their mission is to provide innovative technology for sports physicians to predict neurological health before it’s too late. Without a doubt, this is an area of society where there is a big gap and demand – ideal for a startup enterprise, though launching a business in the depths of a pandemic and trying to grow it through the aftermath was always going to be a challenge.

The Challenge

The founders behind BrainCast were able to identify a critical gap in the market during their respective research projects, where they observed a lack of translational value in existing head injury research. It was also a field that was ripe for disruption and innovation through the application of AI.

The problem was that, while the technology had obvious applications and early forms of it were being used by sports teams, that was just the tip of the iceberg for what the BrainCast team wanted to achieve. There was still a lot of work that needed to be done, and the kind of R&D involved in medical science ran at a high cost and the pursuit of Government Incentives required ongoing needs for documentation and communication of experimental methodologies.. It was imperative to present this material within a robust framework that could also be produced efficiently without significant ongoing heavy lifting from the very busy internal team.


The Solution

While the BrainCast team continued to build the quality of the product, they also started to realise the breadth of the opportunity. While sports was definitely a big area, there were going to be further opportunities to pursue government opportunities to further their research, given the medical good it can do.

To help explore this opportunity, BrainCast partnered with InCorp Advisory in Australia. Through proactive engagement and effective communication, they were able to effectively and efficiently apply for R&D tax incentives, and the benefits that those provided to the company as it continued to invest in its technology.

“We really appreciate the guidance we received from InCorp Advisory through the process on the nature of information required for the submission and how to collate it in clear and concise language that translated policy requirements into tangible concepts,” Poudel said.

“When you’re dealing with government processes, you really need the assistance of a professional, well-oiled machine to smooth the processes out, which InCorp provided.”


The Results

Being able to access the R&D tax incentive has been incredibly beneficial to BrainCast. The process has helped establish an ongoing framework for consolidating vast experimentation and R&D efforts into an easily communicable and impactful format. This means that the company can realise the maximum incentive benefit which truly reflects the depth of innovation they are pioneering.

“Thanks to the successful submission we are one step closer to alleviating large stressors on our business,” Poudel said.

Despite being in the early stages of their journey, BrainCast has made significant strides in the sports medicine industry. They have successfully onboarded paying customers, and their technology is already providing valuable insights to athletes and sports physicians, empowering them to proactively manage neurological health and prevent injuries. They have effectively reinforced the strength of their innovation, technology, and data with business acumen, thereby developing from technical innovators into an early-stage startup, ready to scale.

Looking ahead, the BrainCast founders remain committed to their mission of advancing sports medicine through innovative technology. With a focus on expanding partnerships with radiology companies and further enhancing their AI capabilities, they aim to solidify their position at the forefront of predictive sports medicine and contribute to the broader community of AI-driven healthcare innovation.

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