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We are the go-to firm for growth and emerging companies, with Big 4 expertise and a multi-disciplinary team that can really understand your research and development activities.

Our in-house team of accountants, well-versed in the fields of software development, engineering and science provide a full solution to:

  • Offer success-based fees with no upfront cost;
  • Minimise your time commitment by transferring the bulk of document preparation to us, significantly saving your team valuable time;
  • Average completion of the R&D claim from start to lodgement of 5-6 weeks.
We have:
  • 30+ years experience support Australian & International Businesses
  • Invite-only Membership of the NSW State Reference Group

What Can You Potentially Claim?

InCorp has

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Understanding the R&D Tax Incentive

  • Applies to companies incorporated in Australia
  • Eligibility centred around new knowledge, technical unknowns and experimentation
  • Minimum cash benefit of 18.5c in the dollar (max 43.5c) for companies with less than $20m turnover
  • Must be lodged with AusIndustry within 10 months following financial year-end
  • Includes salaries/wages, contractors, materials and overheads.

Are you eligible?

At a high level if the answer to each of the following is “YES“, there is potential for an R&D Tax Incentive claim:

  • Do you operate your business via a company incorporated in Australia?
  • Are you attempting to develop new/improved materials, products, devices, processes or services?
  • Are you conducting systematic experimentation for the purpose of creating new knowledge?
  • Does your experimentation contain technical unknowns?
  • Have you spent at least A$20,000 on the R&D Project?
  • Do you hold or have right to the resultant IP?
  • Were the activities conducted in Australia?

Overseas activities can be claimed in some circumstances for which a special application is required.

Types of Activities


Technically innovative projects that generate new breakthroughs in scientific knowledge, products or processes.


Any activity conducted to support a Core Activity.

A company claiming R&D can claim expenditure on both Core and Supporting R&D activities. 

Typical Industries






Mining/Mining Services


R&D Tax Incentive Fact Sheet

Download the R&D Tax Incentive Fact Sheet to see what you might be entitled to claim.

R&D Capability Statement – Food & Beverage

Understand how the R&D Tax Incentive could benefit your Food & Beverage business.

R&D Capability Statement – BioTech

Understand how the R&D Tax Incentive could benefit BioTech businesses.

R&D Capability Statement

Download InCorp Advisory’s R&D Tax Incentive Capability Statement.

The Value We Can Add to Your R&D Process

Unmatched Expertise

Unlike our competitors, our team is composed of STEM and accounting professionals. 

This ensures a deep understanding of the scientific and technological intricacies of your projects, setting us apart from firms with only a handful of experts.

Specialists in Fast-Growth

As the go-to-firm for emerging & growth 

Benefit from our deep bench of specialists across government incentives, tax & advisory, corporate governance and finance function 

Documentation Support

Beyond securing your R&D tax incentives, we help you implement best-practice documentation processes to ensure you claim for all eligible R&D activities. 

What Our Clients Say



What is government funding in Australia?

The Australian Government offers grants to a large number of stakeholders that are often used to attain government policy goals.

What are the benefits of getting government incentives in Australia?

Benefits from claiming government incentives can include:

  • A significant annual boost to cash flow
  • A significant reduction to the cost of innovation
  • Financial support to expand the scope of existing or planned research and development activities. 
What are some Australian government incentives for small businesses?

They are:

  • The Entrepreneur’s Programme
  • Austrade Landing Pad
  • Export Market Development Grant
  • Accelerating Commercialisation

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